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VIDEO: Our previews of the legislative session conclude with Rep. Fred Patton
10 Jan 2019 at 3:30pm

Thanks to the three members of our local legislative delegation for stopping by to share their expertise on legislating for Kansans. We wrapped it up Thursday with District 50 Representative Fred Patton. His e-mail is a simple to reach him during the session or on any Seaman School District issues, too.

Kansas House — 50th District: Fred Patton
14 Jul 2018 at 3:47pm

When I first ran for the House, I was concerned about the direction our state was headed. Since being elected, I have worked across the political spectrum and served as a voice for common sense solutions so that we could begin to get our state back on track. While we have made progress on balancing the budget, restoring tax fairness, and funding our schools, we still have a lot of work to do to make Kansas a place future generations want to live, work, and raise their families...

Candidates for Kansas House share life experiences, policy views at forum
26 Sep 2018 at 2:56pm

Local candidates in contested Kansas House races shared formative experiences that have shaped who they are during a forum Tuesday hosted by Tim Carpenter, Statehouse bureau chief for The Topeka Capital-Journal. Rep. Fred Patton, Republican incumbent in the 50th district, said there are lots of examples, including tragedies and successes, but for him, it comes back to him being a dad. “As I vote,” he said, “I try to decide what would be best for our kids, and if it’s best for them, hopefully, when they grow up and they decide to come back to Kansas, we’ll have a place with jobs, lots of t...

Lawmakers confident court will OK school funding. What happens if they’re wrong?
7 May 2018 at 12:57pm

Four times during the past three years, the Kansas Supreme Court has found problems with how public schools are funded. Top lawmakers and officials think they have it right this time. But school districts suing over funding say schools eventually need $1.7 billion to $2 billion more. Rep. Fred Patton, a key Republican lawmaker on school funding, said he was pretty confident and that lawmakers approved a good formula. "We did our math, we showed our work," he said.

House passes school funding fix; blocks efforts to add more money
28 Apr 2018 at 12:51pm

The Kansas House passed another school finance bill Saturday that fixes a technical problem in the original bill the Legislature passed on April 7, but only after beating back efforts by Democrats to add significant amounts of new money to the plan. “I think it was important to live up to what the deal was that we passed on April 7, and I’m glad that we were able to do that,” said Rep. Fred Patton, R-Topeka, who chairs the House K-12 Education Budget Committee, in an interview after the final vote Saturday.

Kansas House adopts bill correcting miscue in new $525M school-finance law
28 Apr 2018 at 12:49pm

The House tweaked a newly minted school-finance law Saturday rather than approve a cluster of proposals expanding the new five-year, $525 million plan answering Kansas Supreme Court rulings that state aid to public education was constitutionally unsuitable. Rep. Fred Patton, R-Topeka, said the House bill no longer included a controversial provision championed by conservatives stipulating that revenue from the minimum LOB be used to artificially raise average state aid per pupil by about $500 in a bid to impress the Supreme Court. Patton said deletion from Senate Bill 61 of the LOB account...

How do you fix an $80 million error? Kansas lawmakers are divided
27 Apr 2018 at 12:47pm

When Kansas lawmakers discovered an $80 million error in a major school funding bill after leaving on a break, many vowed to correct the problem when they returned. Well, they're back, but are divided over how to fix the problem. Rep. Fred Patton, R-Topeka, has proposed a compromise bill. It would fix the $80 million error, and would include language saying it is the public policy of Kansas to require school districts to have LOBs of at least 15 percent. “That’s where the error happened. It complicates things because you have to adjust everything by 15 percent and it’s hard for people to ...

Gov. Jeff Colyer signs bill adding $500 million over five years to public sch...
17 Apr 2018 at 12:44pm

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has signed into law a bill the state Legislature developed to ramp up spending on K-12 public education by more than $500 million during a five-year period and rectify constitutional shortcomings in distribution of aid. State Rep. Fred Patton, a Topeka Republican who serves as president of the Seaman school board, said the vast majority of the additional funding would be funneled into teacher salaries and to classrooms in ways that targeted low-performing students. “This additional money will make a significant difference to our schools and communities both now and...