Fred Patton, Kansas House of Representatives

“There is no greater honor in a democracy than to be selected by your fellow citizens to represent them in the halls of government. It is my privilege, and my honor, to serve you in the Kansas House of Representatives. Together, we can make Kansas a better place to live, work, and raise our families.”  –Fred

For too long, politicians have gone round and round about their differences instead of working together to find common sense solutions. Their infighting has led to deficit spending, projected budget shortfalls that will impact our schools, and higher property taxes for our families.

Fred Patton has the experience we need to find common sense solutions, achieve results, and put people ahead of politics. Fred knows firsthand how to iron out differences, build consensus, and lead teams to find solutions that work. As a small business owner, Fred supports a balanced approach for our state – one that encourages the Kansas spirit of entrepreneurship and that helps keep good-paying jobs and small businesses right here at home.

Fred Patton. A Neighbor We Know. A Leader We Trust.